The Farm – school of Grixalba is in the Casa do Queixo (House of Cheese), the complex has a hostel, restaurant, museum house, swimming pool, greenhouse, orchard and a shed: there you can learn about the customs and traditions from the rural gallician, the tools used by the first settlers and the modern machinery, the old jobs, the recipes from traditional cooking, the tales and legends.

Our Complex is in the Mariñas Coruñesa Biosphere Reserve and Terras do Mandeo, close to Cova da Serpe, a place of legends; It was founded on 2001 to fight the rural depopulation, an old house of cheesecrafters was rehabilitated, making it a traditional inn; at the same time the family decided to rehabilitate the old dairy farm, build a juvenile hostel with all comforts and needs. The Casa do Queixo (House of Cheese) is a reference of environmental education visited by al educational places all around Galicia. It is common in the campaigns of the “Xunta de Galicia” with the camping “Lost Village”, and also being the scenario for gallician audiovisial productions as “Terra de Miranda” or “Criaturas”

Same as the orchards and the farms, with the seasons passing Casa do Queixo (House of Cheese) goes through different phases: Sping Season school visits, summer camps, leisure courses, Magostos in fall (Fall Chestnut party), Scaring Samain (Halloween) but there are also those brave ones that visit us on winter, and is a landscape worth of seeing all white snow covered. Don’t forget we are pretty close to the high peaks of Coruña (A Cova do Serpe, Bocelo e Campleo)


In the Farm – School Scolé, we have perfectly equipped facilities for our workshops for both indoor and outdoor. An image is worthier than thousand words, here is the funniest map of our place.

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