Scolé is the acronym of “Sociedade Cooperativa de Ocio y Lecer Educativo” (in gallician) (Cooperative Society of Leisure and Educative Tranquility) Inspired in the Greek term “Skholè” which means Leisure, spare time: everything that people learn away from school, that is not quite a bit. We are a multidisciplinary team formed by qualified professionals in different areas (agriculture, hostelry, spare time, sports, photography, education …) We are a Professional and personal bet for cooperative entrepreneurship, as a try for living in what we love.



 ÁNGEL LÓPEZ: Founder of the farm. A real All around.
 NOELIA FERNÁNDEZ: A sweetheart with the kids. Her vocation.
MARK GIMENO: Canarian “agaliiciated” Glad about the surroundings “I Won’t go even if you throw hot water on me!”
MARÍA TERESA PEREIRO: She has a temper and a spectacular way in traditional cuisine and confectionery.
JOSÉ DARÍO VIVAS: A restoration sybarite. He is the personification of kindness.